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containerized data centersContainerized data centers offer a relatively quick solution to organizations in need of additional data center space and/or capacity. However, from an infrastructure and maintenance perspective, data-center-in-a-box solutions offer many of the same power and cooling challenges as traditional data centers, as well as some challenges unique to a self-contained data center operating outside the building envelope.

Compu Dynamics has been on the leading edge of the deployment of containerized data centers and provides our customers invaluable assistance in preparing for, deploying and maintaining these modular solutions.

Even with this new type of data center deployment, there are a number of options. A variety of manufacturers, both from the IT world and the power/cooling infrastructure world, have begun to offer their own versions of the containerized data center concept. Our relationships with these sources give us a more customer-oriented perspective. We work with our clients to identify the right fit for a specific need based on space constraints, power density, IT equipment selections and other factors.