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With nearly three decades of experience inside some of the world’s most critical facilities, Compu Dynamics brings a unique perspective to data center deployment. Our service and solutions focus ensures that your data center is not only designed for high-tier reliability, but is built to achieve and maintain that high level of reliability throughout its lifecycle.Data Center Deployment

Working with the industry’s best engineering consultants and architects, Compu Dynamics provides you with a single point of responsibility from concept through commissioning. From initial needs assessment and planning to design, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring, Compu Dynamics’ data center deployment services ensure that your critical facility is designed and built to operate at peak efficiency 24/7/365.

Data Center Deployment Steps

Initial Needs Assessment – We work with your team to fully understand your goals, so that the planning and design phase goes smoothly.

Planning and Design – Our team of experts crafts a data center design plan that will ensure all if your needs are met, with the performance you require.

Procurement – Because Compu Dynamics has such a great depth of experience, we will help you work through the challenges involved with procuring the right hardware and software.

Construction – A data center deployment is not just installing a server, but rather a complex process involving construction and build out of the space.

Installation – With the space ready, designed to spec, we will install the needed components.

Maintenance and Monitoring – No data center deployment is “set and forgot.”  All systems must be maintained and monitored to ensure performance, function and often, compliance.  We’ll help you through every step of the way.

Data Center Deployment Help

If you have a data center deployment on the horizon, or even one that is already underway, and need assistance, get in touch with Compu Dynamics today.  Our team will help you get your project designed, built and functional with the highest regard for performance and reliability.

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