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>> Turnkey Integrated Services

Our comprehensive services and responsive culture combine to keep you connected to your data, your applications, your people and your customers 24/7.

>> Ideal for Network Closets

Network rooms are critical complex collections of sophisticated power, cooling and communications equipment that are designed to operate without fail.

>> Experienced, Trained Resources

Our technicians and managers have been focused for over three decades on data centers and secure network facilities.




  • Reduce energy costs and extend your equipment’s lifetime.
  • Keep high-density computing equipment cool with our cost-efficient cooling solutions.
  • Reliable and scalable power systems.


  • Optimize your critical network closet infrastructure.
  • Consolidate and relocate to reduce power and cooling expenses and reclaim square footage.
  • Evolve and adhere to changing organizational, technological, governmental, environmental,economic and competitive requirements.


  • Update your network closet infrastructure with the latest technology.
  • Expand your business with a flexible and secure hybrid or private cloud solution.
  • Reduce operating costs with higher efficiency products.


  • Keep critical facility components up to date and in compliance with manufacturer specs.
  • Repair and restore issues with 24/7 emergency service.
  • Predict and prevent problems that could lead to downtime.

Compu Dynamics specializes in network closet revitalization. If your network closet looks like the “before” picture above and has out dated equipment contact us today. Our team will help you redesign your closet to ensure it is functional with the highest regard for performance and reliability.