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Compu Dynamics specializes in providing tailored data center consolidation and  IT relocation solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to relocate hundreds of racks from multiple global data centers or simply move your on premise IT closet to a remote edge site,  Compu Dynamics has the experience to support you from planning stages, through successful completion, and beyond.

Reasons for Relocating

  • Merger/Acquisition
  • Growth
  • Consolidation
  • Innovation of IT Strategy
  • Transforming global footprint

Compu Dynamics Difference

  • Project Management: Our team of IT migration specialists will include a dedicated project manager that will oversee all activities and provide deliverables upon completion.
  • Global Capacity: Our team has the ability to handle any local or global migration/consolidation.
  • Equipment Resale: Migrations can be expensive. We can provide resale services of any unwanted gear that can offset cost for the migration project. 

Services Included

Compu Dynamics is your one stop shop for a full turnkey migration, data consolidation, and resale services. We provide project management, logistics, labor, and transportation to perform the following tasks during each migration:

  • Complete a physical audit of current inventory/asset tracking
  • Day 1 Support
  • Strategy session with Project Manager to reach client goals
  • Perform uncabling, de-installations, decommissioning, and packaging of all IT gear and associated daughter devices
  • Arrange logistics, transport, insurance for all IT property being migrated. Asset tags are added to monitor potential damage and tamper proof locks on trucks during transport
  • Rack & stack installation services
  • Degaussing/data wipe/shredding services for all hard drives and gear with no monetary value. Our device shredding services meet both the NSA’s & EPA regulations for recycling in environmentally friendly manner. All sensitive information is safeguarded
  • Offer resale opportunity for all gear no longer needed by end-users

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