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  • Handling High Density Customers in Today’s Colo Environment

    Most major colocation facilities today are built with pressurized raised floor cooling systems. This type of air conditioning design is similar to those that have been in use supporting IT equipment for decades. Over this period of time, IT loads have risen, requiring more air volume to be delivered to.... Read More »

  • Compu Dynamics, LLC Promotes Chris Lydick

    Chris Lydick

    Compu Dynamics announced this week that they have promoted Chris Lydick to Director of Infrastructure Services Sterling, VA – Compu Dynamics, a leading provider of mission critical facility services, announced this week the promotion of Chris Lydick from Global Center Operations Manager to Director of Infrastructure Services. The new position.... Read More »

  • Overhead Busway vs. RPP/Whips

    You typically have two choices when it comes to the power distribution system for your data center. You can either run your cabling under a raised floor or suspend it from the ceiling. Both methods have their own advantages and drawbacks. Overhead Busway Overhead busways provide a convenient, energy-efficient option..... Read More »

  • R-22 Phase Out – What it Means for Businesses

    In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began phasing out R-22 (Freon) due to its harmful effects to the ozone layer. Starting in 2020, the production of new R-22 will be illegal. Today, new R-22 has been reduced by approximately 90%.  This has many businesses wondering what will happen to.... Read More »

  • Compu Dynamics Announces the Launch of Their New Website

    data center management

    Compu Dynamics, a DC area company, announces their new, user-friendly website.  Sterling, VA – Compu Dynamics, a leading provider of data center solutions and critical infrastructure management, announced this week that they have launched a new, more user-friendly website. The launch of the website is part of Compu Dynamics’ larger.... Read More »