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  • Why Might A Company Decide to Consolidate Or Relocate A Data Center?

    Have you been thinking of making a change to your organization’s IT footprint recently or considering a migration but thought it too difficult a task? In the past, many companies consolidated data centers which had been acquired through...

  • Tranforming Telephone Closets into Modern Network Centers

    In most buildings constructed before the turn of the century, tenants are fighting a losing battle trying to adapt legacy analog telephone closets to serve today’s internet-enabled digital network equipment.  In the old days (1990’s), phone closets needed little-to-no ventilation, only a few inches of depth, and perhaps one electrical outlet.  Modern network centers (I call them network “center...

  • The Proper Steps for a Successful Data Center Migration

    Data Center migrations are high profile projects because they are risky.  Worries about lost data and excessive downtime haunt executives, users and data center managers alike. Migrating your data center is a complex process that requires a high degree of coordination with little tolerance for failure.  The goals of any move are to:

    • Minimize or eliminate downtime during the move
    • Case Study: Federal Agency Data Center Consolidation

      In 2011, a U.S. government client retained Compu Dynamics to consolidate their data centers and deliver a more efficient and effective information technology platform. Compu Dynamics’ comprehensive approach to consolidation planning brought all key functional players to the table from day one. This multi-disciplinary team process enabled Compu Dynamics to holistically envision all phases of th...

    • Is Co-Location The Right Choice for Your Data Center?

      Today's data center managers face a variety of challenges.  On any given day, they are expected to come up with ways to:

      • Reduce costs
      • Improve IT performance
      • Improve efficiency
      • Refresh hardware
      • Right-size their support systems to match their IT systems
      • Improve reliability
      • Do more with less
      As they work hard to meet ...