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  • A Few Thoughts on Pre-Fabricated Data Centers

    By Steve Altizer, Compu Dynamics While the concept of pre-fabricated data centers is nothing new, we’ve recently noticed an elevated level of dialogue on the topic. The term “pre-fabricated” was first applied to data centers approximately 10-12 years ago. At that time, the industry standard was a reconstituted and retrofitted ISO container jam-packed with racks, servers, power, and cooling equ...

  • Where is the Edge and When are we Going to Build It?

    People are funny. It seems that everyone today needs to have change in their lives. It wasn’t long after the entire world got onboard with the idea of consolidating IT systems that people started talking about the need to decentralize again. Thousands of on premise data centers vaporized during the decade following the great recession. Today, hardly a day goes by without someone evangelizing t...

  • Floor Utilization Effectiveness: The Data Center Design Metric You’re Not Considering

    By Steve Altizer, President, Compu Dynamics, LLC

    Steve AltizerAs a service provider to the colocation industry, we see the interiors of many wholesale, large retail a...

  • ‘Cloud First’ Does Not Mean Colo-First

    With the federal government pushing to adopt cloud computing, agency IT managers are faced with sorting out important details from a variety information sources. One point of confusion: Does cloud computing entail colocation? The answer: No, it does not. The U.S. Chief Information Officer (CIO) announced a “Should You Move Your Data Center to the Cloud?

    Cloud computing is a popular and rapidly evolving area of IT, and many CIOs and data center managers are asking if now is the right time to look at moving all or part of their data centers to the cloud.

    Which Cloud Exactly?

    There are three options to consider when moving to the cloud: 3rd Party Cloud One option is to move all or part of your data center functionality...