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  • Floor Utilization Effectiveness: The Data Center Design Metric You’re Not Considering

    By Steve Altizer, President, Compu Dynamics, LLC

    Steve AltizerAs a service provider to the colocation industry, we see the interiors of many wholesale, large retail an...

  • Colo Planning Guide: Ready, Set, Go

    You've decided to move your data center assets to a colocation site. And you've decided on a specific facility. Before you actually implement the move, however, here are five questions to answer first — based on our own real-life experience with our clients. 1. Will you use your colo move as an opportunity to refresh technology, network architecture, server architecture? This could increase th...

  • Is Co-Location The Right Choice for Your Data Center?

    Today's data center managers face a variety of challenges.  On any given day, they are expected to come up with ways to:

    • Reduce costs
    • Improve IT performance
    • Improve efficiency
    • Refresh hardware
    • Right-size their support systems to match their IT systems
    • Improve reliability
    • Do more with less
    As they work hard to meet ...