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Hosting Firm Gets a New Home in an Old Space

For most companies, the data center supports the business. For hosting firms, the data center is their business. These ultra-high-tech companies are extremely selective when choosing partners to design and build their data centers. So when one of the nation’s largest telecommunications providers was expanding their state-of-the-art Northern Virginia hosting center for mission-critical Web sites and enterprise applications, they chose Compu Dynamics.

Running multimedia, corporate intranet/extranet and e-commerce applications, the company’s hosting centers provide a secure, reliable and scalable data center environment for corporate and government clients. Seeking to expand the capabilities within an existing facility, the company identified 2,200 square feet of administrative space adjacent to the existing data center they hoped to repurpose into revenue-generating data center space.

The firm’s hosting clients typically demand 150 watts per square foot. This was essentially Compu Dynamics’ directive: transform this office space into a state-of-the-art hosting facility that will deliver the capacity per square foot hosting that clients demand.

Working with its proven team of engineering consultants and architects, Compu Dynamics provided the hosting company with a single point of responsibility, from initial needs assessment and planning to design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning.

The Compu Dynamics design-build team handled every aspect of the project, which included 2′ raised access flooring, Very Early Smoke Detector Apparatus (VESDA) and pre-action sprinkler systems, five 30-ton Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units and redundant power distribution. Compu Dynamics designed, built, installed and tested every part of the electrical and mechanical infrastructure chain that would power, cool and protect the highly-advanced, secure data center space.

Compu Dynamics brought the new data center online, on time and on budget. The company’s unique perspective, gained by nearly three decades of experience inside some of the world’s most critical facilities, ensured the new data center space was designed for high-tier reliability, with built-in intelligent maintainability.

In a business where uptime is the product, and watts per square foot means greater revenue for the facility, turning overhead into high-availability hosting space is a strategic move that will pay dividends for years to come.