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In Defense Systems, Keeping Cool Starts at the Top

For one of the Nation’s leading providers of IT systems and communications solutions to the defense and intelligence communities, high-density computing is essential and downtime is not an option.

With federal contracts in the balance, the company sought to expand its processing power by converting existing office space into additional server rooms. To ensure that the unique cooling requirements were expertly handled, the prime contractor sought a partner with extensive experience with traditional computer room air conditioning and high-density cooling systems, as well as an in-depth understanding of both IT and facilities requirements.

After a comprehensive review, and with strong recommendations by both the design engineer and the cooling system’s manufacturer, the prime contractor selected Compu Dynamics.

The new data center space includes five secure server rooms located on two floors within a suburban Washington office building. The project’s 59 Liebert XDV refrigerant-based cooling modules make it one of the largest XD installations in the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

Liebert XD refrigerant-based cooling modules work as a system to support the hot aisle/cold aisle approach to cooling high heat density data centers. The modules provide focused rack-level cooling, and work in combination with a complementary precision cooling unit.

In this application, each room is served by a Liebert DS precision cooling system. The DS system provides efficient, precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow. The XDV units mount above the IT rack enclosure to provide supplemental high-density heat removal. These units provide the ideal solution for the client’s high-density cooling needs, while the overhead mounting capabilities require no additional floor space.

As one of the Washington region’s most experienced critical-facility infrastructure specialists, Compu Dynamics brought an in-depth understanding of the specialized needs of this high-density application to the project. They worked with the prime contractor to ensure a seamless installation of all aspects of the cooling system.

Compu Dynamics delivered, installed and tested the precision cooling systems, as well as the XDV cooling modules, condensers and refrigerant pumping units. With a real-world understanding of the concerns and requirements of facilities and IT, as well as the prime contractor’s needs and concerns, Compu Dynamics played a valuable role in the project’s success.