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Compu Dynamics Keeps Major Medical Center in Perfect Health

With nearly 300 beds, and treating almost 20,000 inpatient and 100,000 emergency patients annually, one of the Northeast’s most respected medical centers takes no chances with its IT infrastructure. That’s why they rely on Compu Dynamics for facility-wide maintenance support. In fact, Compu Dynamics has provided preventive and comprehensive maintenance, 24/7/365 emergency repair and remote monitoring services to the hospital center for more than a decade.

IT services are vital to modern healthcare systems. From admission to patient care to billing, a hospital’s data center is truly mission-critical. This is where the benefits of Compu Dynamics’ facility-wide maintenance capabilities are essential. Traditional approaches to infrastructure maintenance rely on a variety of vendors to service different infrastructure components: an HVAC contractor for air conditioning, an electrical contractor for UPS, perhaps another for generators, another for fire suppression. At its best, this creates unnecessary bureaucracy, billing and strain on facility personnel. At worst, lack of communication between vendors can create delays in emergency response or potential conflicts in routine maintenance scheduling.

With Compu Dynamics, the medical center has a single call to make, whether it’s emergency service, billing inquiries or to simply ask a question regarding any part of the essential, inter-related infrastructure chain that powers, cools and protects the data center. Compu Dynamics provides turnkey maintenance and emergency services for the medical center’s fire suppression and alarms, UPS systems, generator and CRAC systems, in addition to remote monitoring of the facility. Every component between the server and utility is serviced by a manufacturer-certified and highly-trained member of the Compu Dynamics team.

What’s more, Compu Dynamics serves as a knowledgeable advisor to the hospital’s personnel. Power and cooling is addressed strategically and holistically. Preventive maintenance is coordinated to ensure no weak link exists, and that possible conflicting maintenance procedures are conducted without risk to the facility operations. Compu Dynamics’ holistic approach to preventive maintenance greatly reduces potential trouble. But when an emergency occurs, a single phone call to Compu Dynamics means expert personnel are on the way with the state-of-the-art diagnostic and restoral tools and training needed to expedite full system recovery.

In our technology-reliant world, most organizations consider their services mission-critical. However, when your products include emergency, cardiology and primary stroke care, mission-critical takes on its true meaning. And for more than a decade, Compu Dynamics facility-wide maintenance services have helped ensure the medical center enjoys maximum uptime and a strong, resilient and healthy infrastructure.