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/Case Studies/Emergency Assistance During Power Failure

Recently, a Compu Dynamics customer arrived at work only to realize that his facility had experienced a power failure. Immediately, a call was placed to our call center. Our experienced Service team quickly connected our customer to an expert who was able to assist in the process of bringing their critical power systems back online. We have been providing urgently needed support like this for power systems, HVAC equipment and network infrastructure since 2004.

The Client

Compu Dynamics’ client is a Non-Profit organization that works with charitable organizations across the country to increase fundraising and support. 

The Challenge

The Compu Dynamics Service team received a phone call around 8am from our client stating that his facility had experienced a power failure. When the power failure occurred, the IT systems had continued to operate for a period of time on UPS power. Unfortunately, there was no generator at the site and eventually, the UPS batteries were completely drained. Our client was the only operator in the facility at the time, increasing the stress and difficulty that he faced in bringing the power systems back online.

When the call was placed to our Service team, we were able to quickly connect the customer to a Specialist to determine the best course of action. The Specialist walked the client through several self-diagnosis steps at no extra charge and identified the reason for the failure.

The Outcome

Our Specialist did a fantastic job walking the client through the self-diagnostic and they determined that the circuit breaker upstream of the UPS had tripped. That circuit breaker was preventing the UPS from coming back online. After taking the necessary corrective action, the UPS was back online again, and the batteries were recharged.  Our client was happy to have the facility running, and glad that he did not incur any additional costs for having a Specialist assist him during this trying time.