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Compu Dynamics Fast-Tracks Deployments of Consolidated Data Center Resources Into New Colocation Facilities 

data center consolidation

Santander Bank also wanted to deploy services immediately, yet support a phased implementation of equipment to expand services as needed. 

Compu Dynamics purposefully-designed a turnkey solution that will meet the clients’ needs now and into the future. Compu Dynamics provides end-to-end, 360-degree data center build solutions that can be fast-tracked to meet even the most demanding time frames.  

The Client 

Santander Bank, N.A, which is expanding into the U.S. market, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco Santander, which serves more than 100 million customers in the United Kingdom, Latin America, and Europe. 

The Challenge 

Santander Bank’s expansion into the U.S. market created several unique challenges, which were based upon the company’s desire to fast-track a data center presence into a colocation facility. This was the company’s first data center deployment into the U.S. The project entailed consolidating equipment and services from multiple agency internal data centers.   The company had additional challenges in the form of coordinating efforts across multiple geographies and languages. The international project management and data center teams are in Spain and Mexico, while U.S. management is located in Boston. Additionally, there were language barriers since most of the global operations team communicated primarily in Spanish, and the U.S. operations teams primarily communicated in English.  Along with language differences, there were also technical specifications of best practices and standards that had to be interpreted and modified to match the requirements of local jurisdiction and utility standards.  This tedious task had to be performed at the per outlet level in conjunction with design and engineering to ensure the applicable best practices and standards were propagated across multiple global data center teams. Compounding the challenges of this project, was the fact that while the initial phase of the project was commencing, there was an urgent internal customer need to immediately deploy network gear and servers that were not part of the original scope. The rack layout, server configuration, electrical and cabling infrastructure needed to be designed and installed as soon as possible.   

The Compu Dynamics Solution 

Santander Bank engaged  Compu Dynamics to provide a turnkey engineered solution for the electrical and cabling infrastructure and to develop a fast-track plan to design and build their primary U.S. data center, as well and migrate and consolidate two other U.S Data Centers into their new State of the Art  Ashburn, VA Data Center. 

 Compu Dynamics’ Solution Included: 

  • Design & Build a 600Kw electrical distribution infrastructure, consisting of: 
    • Installation of 110 Racks rated for 6.5Kw each, distributed across eight 225A four-panel RPPs 
    • Installation of Thirty-two (32) 225A feeders from six PDUs 
    • Installation of Two hundred and twenty(223) 3-phase 60A power whips 
  • Design and Build the cabling infrastructure, consisting of: 
    • Design and Install a Turnkey Fiber infrastructure 
    • Design and Install a Turnkey Copper infrastructure 
    • Cable and Fiber Pathway design and Installation 
  • Consolidation and Migration of equipment from data centers in New York and Pennsylvania to the Ashburn data center 
  • 24/7/365 Data Center Professional Services and operational support for Santander Bank’s Ashburn data center.  
    • Professional services provided:
      • Rack design and layout assistance 
      • Receiving and unpacking hardware
      • Deinstallation and relocation of network hardware 
      • Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording 
      • Installation of power and network patch cables
      • Intra-cabinet cabling as specified 


Compu Dynamics’ unique core competencies, extensive experience, proper planning, clear communication, and professional teams ensured that the project was professionally performed and completed to Santander’s’ exacting standards. 

Compu Dynamics successfully designed and built the Electrical and Cabling infrastructure while simultaneously working closely with the client’s IT team to bring network core and key client servers online and performing the migration and consolidation of Santander Bank’s NY and PA data center operations into the Ashburn data center. 

Compu Dynamics provided an initial 1200 hours of onsite professional services to deploy redesigned racks, a new cabling plant and connectivity to create an expandable data center for future growth. Compu Dynamics continues to provide Santander N.A with 24/7/365 Data Center operational support. 

Compu Dynamics technical expertise and understanding of all aspects of Data Center design, our local presence, consisting of in-house project management and technicians, as well as our strong relationships with key equipment suppliers and partners proved to be key factors to ensure the success of this data center deployment for Santander N.A. in their Primary US Data Center located in Ashburn VA.   

About Compu Dynamics 

Compu Dynamics is the leading provider of facility maintenance and data center design, deployment, optimization, and ongoing operational support. Compu Dynamics delivers solutions to help businesses achieve their optimal goals by leveraging specialized technicians and technologies to minimize risk of data center and facility outages. Headquartered in Northern Virginia, with operations in both Virginia and Maryland, Compu Dynamics is positioned to drive value for government agencies, enterprises, and third-party colocation providers of any size.  Additional information can be found at  www.compu-dynamics.com, or by following Compu Dynamics on Twitter and LinkedIn