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  • Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Running Efficiently During Summer Months

    Air Conditioning

    It is no mystery why the summer months put more pressure on your commercial air conditioning equipment. Making sure you are properly taking care of your cooling systems will ensure that you experience a summer of superior performance and indoor comfort. By keeping equipment performing at peak efficiency, you will.... Read More »

  • Technology Deployments for Today’s Environment

    technology deployment

    Technology deployments are never easy. Throw in a pandemic and a load of new safety precautions and you have achieved an even higher degree of difficulty. In order to keep up with demand under today’s redefined standards, many facilities are engaging Compu Dynamics to handle their technology deployments. Data center.... Read More »

  • The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Your Facility

    preventive maintenance

    There is no doubt that our world is changing and might not be the same after this pandemic, but Preventive Maintenance will always be vitally important to your facility no matter the circumstances. A proper Preventive Maintenance (PM) plan will ensure that your operations are running at peak performance and.... Read More »

  • Using Remote Hands Services During COVID-19

    Remote hands

    As countries implement restrictions on travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, data centers are being included in lists of "essential infrastructure", and staff are getting exemptions to enable them to keep facilities online. In these unprecedented times, our main priority is protecting the health of our employees and their families, as.... Read More »

  • Why Might A Company Decide to Consolidate Or Relocate A Data Center?

    consolidate, consolidation

    Have you been thinking of making a change to your organization’s IT footprint recently or considering a migration but thought it too difficult a task? In the past, many companies consolidated data centers which had been acquired through mergers and acquisitions or through geographic expansion. As technology evolved, trends such.... Read More »