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  • Containment: Controlling and Focusing Data Center Air Flow

    For optimal energy efficiency and server performance, data centers use ‘containment’ strategies to keep cool intake air separated from servers’ warm exhaust. Data centers work best when the server supply air and exhaust air do not mix, since allowing warm air to cycle back in to servers’ cool air supply.... Read More »

  • Case Study: Federal Agency Data Center Consolidation

    In 2011, a U.S. government client retained Compu Dynamics to consolidate their data centers and deliver a more efficient and effective information technology platform. Compu Dynamics’ comprehensive approach to consolidation planning brought all key functional players to the table from day one. This multi-disciplinary team process enabled Compu Dynamics to.... Read More »

  • ‘Cloud First’ Does Not Mean Colo-First

    With the federal government pushing to adopt cloud computing, agency IT managers are faced with sorting out important details from a variety information sources. One point of confusion: Does cloud computing entail colocation? The answer: No, it does not. The U.S. Chief Information Officer (CIO) announced a “Cloud First” policy.... Read More »

  • Finding the “Right” Cooling Solution

    You’ve probably had the experience of driving down the highway on a summer day and seeing a car parked on the shoulder with steam blasting from under its hood. For whatever reason — leaky radiator, blown hose, broken belt — the car’s engine overheated. Computer servers don’t have hoses and.... Read More »

  • Before You Go Co-Lo…

    There's no question that co-location is all the rage.  As budgets shrink and more and more services move to the cloud, many organizations are considering moving their data centers to co-location facilities. Deciding whether to move off-site or to retrofit your existing data center has far-reaching implications in the short.... Read More »