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  • New Year – New Data Center


    New Year - New Data Center When we put the holidays behind us and begin to look at the year ahead, many of us take a little time to assess where we’ve been and where we’re going.  This is often a period of change.  Businesses are examining their 2021 budgets.... Read More »

  • A Value Creation Concept for Legacy Data Centers

    data center

    This brief blog is being published to propose a data center repositioning concept for data center owner/operators with facilities designed in the early 2000’s.  We would enjoy hearing back from professional data center managers who have an opinion on this concept; either negative or positive. For the last two decades,.... Read More »

  • Decommissioning Your Server Room or Data Center

    Given the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of today’s cloud services, it is no longer necessary for every business and organization to own and operate a server room in every office. Trends were already moving briskly towards the elimination of on-prem hardware/software even before COVID-19. Now that many of us have relocated.... Read More »

  • 5 Reasons Why Remote Hands is Crucial for Today’s World

    remote hands

    5 Reasons Why Remote Hands is Crucial for Today’s World Being able to monitor and manage your data center assets remotely is a common challenge with today’s distributed IT architecture. An increasing number of dark, unmanned sites has increased the need for Remote Hands Services to keep teams connected and.... Read More »

  • Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Running Efficiently During Summer Months

    Air Conditioning

    It is no mystery why the summer months put more pressure on your commercial air conditioning equipment. Making sure you are properly taking care of your cooling systems will ensure that you experience a summer of superior performance and indoor comfort. By keeping equipment performing at peak efficiency, you will.... Read More »