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Eliminate Electrical Outages through Preventive Maintenance

Preventing a problem is always better — and cheaper — than fixing one. That’s especially true with electrical systems, where seemingly small issues (like a loose connection) can lead to big failures over time.

Unlike with an HVAC system, for example, which makes noise or stops cooling, your electrical system won’t give you much if any warning of a looming breakdown. Without a ‘squeaky wheel’ that’s demanding some grease, preventive maintenance is easy to delay or even overlook. (more…)

Mid Atlantic Region Data Center HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Due to the increasing criticality of data centric spaces, it is ever more important to ensure that regular HVAC Preventive Maintenanceis a standard operating procedure.  Today’s data centers are often densely packed with heat-producing servers, SANs and other devices.  Those same sites must be equipped with a complimentary collection of high density cooling systems designed to extract that heat efficiently.  Failure of one’s cooling systems can quickly lead to a catastrophic IT failure in a matter of minutes.  For this reason, it is vital to select a service partner with the experience, technical capabilities and responsiveness that this industry demands. (more…)

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami in Japan serve as heartbreaking reminders that – despite all our technological advances – there remain events we are powerless to prevent. Rather, natural disasters require us to focus our efforts on preparedness and recovery.

The situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant offers a different lesson. As the crisis continues, some media outlets are beginning to examine the plant’s preventive maintenance records. An article published by MSNBC seems to question the operator’s safety record in light of what appears to be missed inspections on 33 pieces of equipment. (more…)