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Floor Utilization Effectiveness: The Data Center Design Metric You’re Not Considering

By Steve Altizer, President, Compu Dynamics, LLC

Steve AltizerAs a service provider to the colocation industry, we see the interiors of many wholesale, large retail and retail data centers both in the mid-Atlantic and around the country.  While power density design parameters have been slowly growing over time, the rate at which rack densities are increasing is clearly outpacing the rise in facility density (W / square foot). (more…)

Colo Planning Guide: Ready, Set, Go

You’ve decided to move your data center assets to a colocation site. And you’ve decided on a specific facility. Before you actually implement the move, however, here are five questions to answer first — based on our own real-life experience with our clients.

1. Will you use your colo move as an opportunity to refresh technology, network architecture, server architecture? This could increase the cost of your relocation project, but you might be able to eliminate redundant hardware and underutilized systems. (more…)

Is Co-Location The Right Choice for Your Data Center?

Today’s data center managers face a variety of challenges.  On any given day, they are expected to come up with ways to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve IT performance
  • Improve efficiency
  • Refresh hardware
  • Right-size their support systems to match their IT systems
  • Improve reliability
  • Do more with less

As they work hard to meet these sometimes-competing objectives, many data center managers are looking toward co-location providers to enable them to accomplish some of their goals. (more…)