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Floor Utilization Effectiveness: The Data Center Design Metric You’re Not Considering

By Steve Altizer, President, Compu Dynamics, LLC

Steve AltizerAs a service provider to the colocation industry, we see the interiors of many wholesale, large retail and retail data centers both in the mid-Atlantic and around the country.  While power density design parameters have been slowly growing over time, the rate at which rack densities are increasing is clearly outpacing the rise in facility density (W / square foot). (more…)

IT Leader Stephen Reynolds Launches TechESP LLC in Partnership with Compu Dynamics

Stephen Reynolds, a respected information technology leader in the Washington D.C. Metro area; and Compu Dynamics, a leading provider of critical power and precision cooling solutions have launched TechESP LLC, a company that provides individualized IT solutions and services to businesses in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

TechESP focuses on helping organizations exceed their business objectives by leveraging technology as a strategic asset and tailoring IT requirements to meet the unique needs of the business and its users. The company delivers a variety of solutions including virtual CIO, IT support, business continuity and disaster recovery, staff augmentation and application and infrastructure management. TechESP is also a certified source of computer products, including servers, storage, wireless, networking, and PCs. With such a diverse offering, TechESP is ideally suited to assist with virtualization and consolidation projects, data center migrations, as well as Citrix implementations.

“TechESP was founded on the principle that every client requires a custom set of services that fit their distinct corporate culture,” says Reynolds. “With the support of a respected company like Compu Dynamics, TechESP can deliver individualized technology solutions that help organizations exceed their business objectives according to the way they work.”

“Our clients want a single point of responsibility to provide planning, design and implementation of data center build-outs, consolidations and relocations,” says Compu Dynamics’ President Steve Altizer. “With the addition of TechESP, Compu Dynamics can deliver seamless end-to-end service and support.”

Learn more about TechESP at, or contact Stephen Reynolds at

‘Cloud First’ Does Not Mean Colo-First

With the federal government pushing to adopt cloud computing, agency IT managers are faced with sorting out important details from a variety information sources. One point of confusion: Does cloud computing entail colocation? The answer: No, it does not.

The U.S. Chief Information Officer (CIO) announced a “Cloud First” policy in December 2010 in order to improve federal agency performance and reduce operating costs. (more…)

Should You Move Your Data Center to the Cloud?

Cloud computing is a popular and rapidly evolving area of IT, and many CIOs and data center managers are asking if now is the right time to look at moving all or part of their data centers to the cloud.

Which Cloud Exactly?

There are three options to consider when moving to the cloud:

3rd Party Cloud

One option is to move all or part of your data center functionality to one or more 3rd party cloud service providers.  Such service plans are often characterized by a pay-per-use delivery model. (more…)