Compu Dynamics - Uptime in No Time GSA Advantage

Why Compu Dynamics?

Data centers rely on the expertise of both information technology and facilities specialists.  Designing and maintaining these critical environments as technologies evolve requires cross-functional communication and a dedicated, responsive team.

Bridging the Gap Between Facilities and IT

For more than three decades, Compu Dynamics has been the single source for data center design, consolidation and relocation.  We offer in-house, end to end expertise in the design and installation of complex data center environments, including IT infrastructure, precision cooling systems and power management solutions.

IT professionals love Compu Dynamics because of our technical expertise and ability to integrate new and existing solutions.  Facilities managers love us because of our responsiveness, hands-on experience and attention to detail. Our unique ability to translate requirements across departments makes Compu Dynamics the go-to partner for data center design and management.

Manufacturer Independence

Compu Dynamics is manufacturer independent.  Because we don’t represent the manufacturer, we’re free to recommend products that that are best suited to your unique requirements and preferences.

Few service organizations possess a broader or more up-to-date knowledge of critical infrastructure solutions and techniques than Compu Dynamics.  We maintain strong working relationships with many different manufacturers in order to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Legendary Customer Service

Uptime is your first priority.  That’s why Compu Dynamics offers legendary customer service, 24/7/365.

At Compu Dynamics, we strive to be highly responsive to our customers’ needs, to provide completely reliable service and the highest quality products, and to do it all with fair and honest pricing, always on time and as promised.

Every Compu Dynamics employee will be accessible, professional and responsive.  We will understand your business, critical environment, goals, needs and objectives. We will listen to your concerns and keep you informed.  And we will work every day to earn and keep your trust.